NLP book - Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up

NLP & Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You

by Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC

Roger Ellerton, NLP Trainer


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This Toolkit for Transformation is the life manual you were not given at birth!

No matter where you live, how old you are, your cultural background or beliefs you hold true, you are on a path of personal growth. At times you may experience excitement and joy, while other times you may be confronted by fear, unworthiness and doubt as you do your best to bring your dreams to life. Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up acknowledges this journey and provides insights, tips and proven processes for you to get the most out of life. You are encouraged to look at yourself, identify the influence that you allow others to have on you and to move forward to live your dreams.

The concepts in this book are applicable in all areas of your life work, home, career and recreation. You are limited only by your imagination and your desire to choose the life you want to live. For example:

  • Learn the five steps for success
  • Discover the beliefs that will change your life
  • Notice how your thoughts create your reality
  • Improve your communication and your results
  • Enhance your relationships at work and at home
  • Avoid the patterns of the past
  • Address internal conflicts
  • Learn life skills for living the life you want
  • Resolve limiting beliefs
  • Generate more choices in your life
  • Create the future you want
  • Coach others and yourself to succeed
  • And much more!

A great resource for individuals, managers, coaches, parents and those in the helping professions – anyone looking for personal improvement or assisting others with personal change.

NLP has helped thousands to discover their own potential. Is it your turn? Is it time to transform your life?

What Others are Saying

NLP book - finalist

An excellent book on how to live a full and rewarding life! Jeff Bowen,

. . . upbeat and positive-minded, offering step-by-step instructions to focus one's thoughts in the right direction. An excellent and easy-to-use self-help resource. Midwest Book Review,

Great book! You have managed to put the essence of NLP in a short easy to read and understand format. -- Michael B. Johnson, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, California, USA

The modular format and interesting examples makes it an easy read for busy people. -- Graham Wright, Chief Engineer, General Dynamics Canada, Ontario, Canada

If you want to get the most out of life and help others do the same, this is the book for you. -- Michelle Dunn, Consultant and Author,, New Hampshire, USA

A wealth of practical information devoid of trivia. -- Norm Goldman, Editor of, Quebec, Canada

Roger's book and subsequent NLP training are fantastic. I have received invaluable tools to help my personal and professional life develop to its fullest. Thanks for the new lease on life Roger! Greg Tilley, Greg Tilley Photography,

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Trade Paperback / 6" x 9" / 220 pages
Published by Renewal Technologies Inc.
ISBN 978-0978445270 (paperback), 978-0-9784452-8-7 (ebook)

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